Fall is officially here and that means holiday parties and get-togethers are about to commence! If you love having people over and entertaining, then you’re probably already getting ready for entertaining season and planning things you need to do and get now. To help you, Rejuvenate has compiled a few tips on how to get your home ready for fall entertaining.

1. Spruce Up Your Upholstery

To easily change up your interior you just need to spruce up your upholstery by adding new throw blankets and festive pillows to your couches and chairs. You can easily change them out for each holiday so that your upholstery looks different for each event you have at your home. This will enhance your home’s ambiance and will only make the rest of your fall décor look amazing! 

2. Create a Theme

Even though leaves are normally associated with fall, you can create any theme you’d like for your fall party! Make it a plaid theme to get you in the cozy mood or opt for a forest theme with antler-like pieces around your home and the like. Whatever theme you want to go with, just make sure your home’s décor reflects it!

3. Have Seasonal Cocktails

Set the mood for your fall party by serving seasonal cocktails! You can have things like champagne spritzers with fall-like garnishes of pomegranate seeds or serve hot apple cider with some cinnamon. Or you can come up with your own beverage that matches the theme of your party!

4. Create a Conversational Corner

The weather during fall can quite chilly and wet so the majority of your entertaining will be inside. To make it where everyone gets a chance to converse in whatever size your home is, create a designated conversational corner with cozy chairs, books and décor pieces that will make people want to strike up a conversation with each other!

5. Clean Your Home

Before your party, you want to make sure that your home is presentable and in tip-top shape, so give the space a deep clean! Rejuvenate has a number of cleaning products to help with your cleaning needs so that your home is clean and presentable for your guests!

The bioenzymatic action of our Carpet & Upholstery Spot & Stain Remover is the perfect solution for removing oil, grease, grass stains, food stains, make-up, juices, pet stains and more from your carpets, sofa, loveseat and all upholstered furniture. Reveal the beauty of your home and enjoy the holiday season with Rejuvenate!