Kids like to get dirty and their dirty clothes in the hamper reflect this. The majority of the time, the dirt and stains come off in the wash, but what do you do when they come home with grass stains from sports and nothing else works? You simply treat the toughest stains your kids bring home, on their clothes, with Rejuvenate OUTRageous Laundry Stain Remover & Cleaner! No stain stands a chance when you’re armed with this powerful stain remover for clothes that will make any fabric look new again.

A Laundry Stain Remover and Pre-Treater

The OUTRageous laundry stain remover treats a number of stains, but can also be used as a pre-treater to breakdown the toughest stains on your kids clothes. The fast-acting formula lifts the stains from the surface of clothes and more! Although its powerful formula works fast, it’s gentle enough to use on all of your kid’s clothes and even gentle linens.

The Best Stain Remover For Clothes

If you have kids in sports, then you already know that they end their games with some of the toughest grass, dirt and red clay stains you’ve ever seen! But they’re no match for Rejuvenate OUTRageous, considered the best stain remover for clothes by many loyal fans. Their dirty and stained uniforms will look like new after using the highly rated stain removal! Other stains it works well on include clay, grime, wine, grease, dirt, grass and any others your kids happen to bring home. You can use it on all colors and whites since the formula is bleach-free, perfect for all sorts of clothes and linens in your hamper!

Just One Of The Many Powerful Rejuvenate Cleaning Products

The OUTRageous laundry stain remover is just one of the many powerful cleaning products that Rejuvenate offers! From floor cleaners for every type of flooring surface in your home to countertop polishes and stainless-steel cleaners, Rejuvenate has cleaning products for all areas of your home. They all feature powerful, fast-acting formulas that will leave your home spotless and the cleanest it’s ever been! All of the cleaning products are affordable and a favorite among many, making them your top choice when you need products that actually work.