What if everything you needed for your floors came in one, easy-to-use and convenient kit?

You’d love it, right?

Rejuvenate strives to make cleaning easier and more efficient, while still giving you the results you crave. They created the Hardwood and Laminate Floor Care System Mop Kit that has everything you need to make your floors shine! The system allows you to effectively clean all of your home’s floors. It works great on laminate, tile, vinyl, and any other type your home may have. You’ll also get a No-Rinse Floor Cleaner that’s great to use on all sorts of floor types, as well as an adjustable extendable mop that makes doing the job easier, a microfiber dusting pad, and two microfiber cleaning pads that are totally reusable!

The pH-balanced formula won’t leave behind any film, streaks, or residue – just a fresh, clean scent you’ll love. The adjustable extendable mop is lightweight and easy to push and pull around, as well as extremely durable so it’ll last for many uses. The super absorbent Rejuvenate Velcro Microfiber Pads trap dirt and grime while leaving behind a streak-free shine.

Since it has everything you need for amazing floors in one box, you’ll want to gift it to all of your friends and family so that they can have great floors, too! So stop using other products that simply don’t work or aren’t effective or easy to use and simply invest in Rejuvenate Hardwood and Laminate Floor Care System Mop Kit!