Everyone loves a clean house but not everyone wants to spend hours out of their day doing the dirty work to get it done. Today we’d like to share with you 5 steps for cleaning your house the fast and easy way. 

1.     Top to Bottom

If there’s a lesson to be learned from cleaning your house - it’s always best to work from the top of the room you are cleaning to the bottom. This way as you wipe away dust and crumbs, they all make their way to the floor, which should be the very last step in any room you’re cleaning.

To make cleaning house easier, it’s good practice to implement anything that helps save time so you don’t have to do the same chore twice. For instance, if you sweep the kitchen floor before you wipe off the counters, you may end up having to go over the floor again! So, start from the top and work your way down when cleaning your house.

2.     Multi-task

Normally people suggest completing the task at hand before moving on, however when it comes to cleaning there’s some objection to this. When you are working on your kitchen get those dishes soaking in some hot soapy water and move on to wiping off the counters and table.

This gives the dishes time to soak which, in turn, makes them easier to clean. The same goes for the bathroom as with the kitchen, let the cleaners work their magic and move on. Also, starting a load of laundry, before moving on to the rest of the house, is multi-tasking house cleaning at its best! 

3.     Organization

It’s always good to have a plan and even better to know where you want to start, what cleaning supplies and equipment is needed, and to know that everything is in the same place. A cleaning bucket or tote is a wonderful thing to ensure all of your cleaning supplies are always together.

When you have an organized work-tote to work from you eliminate the guess-work as to where the window cleaner is, or where is that bottle of floor cleaner. Sometimes a checklist helps out a lot if you have a lot to get done. 

4.     Use the Right Cleansers & Tools for The Job

Household cleaners are an important key to having a clean house fast. Whether it’s glass and ceramic cooktop cleaner or the foamy suds for removing soap scum in the bathroom, it’s important to have what you need for the task at hand.

Using the right cleaning product for the job can eliminate the use of extra elbow grease, save time, and it also makes the job much easier. Having the right tool on hand, such as a chamois polishing pad or microfiber towel, will make all your cleaning chores that much easier!

5.     Have Fun With It

This step very well might just be the most important step out of these house cleaning secrets. We’ve all heard the saying “Time flies when you’re having fun” and there’s a lot of truth in that statement. Set your favorite upbeat playlist (or whatever gets you grooving) and get to work.

Using your feather or wool duster as an improvised microphone for singing along is totally acceptable. If you have kids in the house get them involved and make a game out of it. 

Bonus Tip

Set a timer. Setting a timer allows you to find out just how long a task is going to take you. You can time the individual task or time how long it takes to do one whole room or the entire house. This helps in many aspects, especially when making plans.

We hope these 5 easy house cleaning secrets can help you get your home cleaning projects well under way. There’s nothing like having a clean house and the time to enjoy relaxing in it! After all, time is of the essence, so why not spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor.