Prep for Your Fantasy Football Draft Party

Are you part of a fantasy football league? Well then it’s great news – it’s almost time for the big fantasy football draft party! Are your game room and home ready for the event? Preparing and cleaning for parties is not exactly the highlight of the ordeal but it can help your party go a bit smoother.

Fantasy football draft parties are usually held around the end of August, or beginning of September. This coincides with the NFL pre-season – so now is the perfect time to pick your football dream team. Although draft parties are often held virtually online, or at a local bar or restaurant, how about hosting your own fantasy football draft party!?!

Cleaning and prepping for your party is similar to cleaning your home on an average day with extra attention and emphasis being put in the spaces where your friends and family will spend time. Think of it kind of like how you would prep your home if you were hosting a Super Bowl party. This means more focus on getting the big screen clean and streak-free (if you’re going to watch a pre-season college or NFL game), making sure the bathroom is sanitary and tidy, and dong some kitchen work.

First Down: The Game Room

Your game room will be wherever most of your draft day activities will be held. You can host the party outdoors, if you’re going to have a friendly game of beer pong to decide the draft pick order, or host it inside your living room if you want to go high-tech and use an online tool (like ESPN’s Mock Draft Lobby) to help you pick the teams. So, whether you hold your party in the living room, garage, basement, or the family den, now, it’s time for a thoroughly cleaning of your home.

1. Dusting: It is always a good general to start cleaning from the highest point in the room and work your way down to the floors. If you have any cobwebs hanging around that will be where to start. Break out the furniture polish and shine up your tables and stands. If your TV is the highlight of the party, make sure you give it a once over to get rid of any dust or fingerprints. Rejuvenate® Screen cleaning wipes are great for wiping down your TV or big computer screen and they help eliminate streaks. 

2. The Furniture: If your furniture has any stains or spots it’s wise to use some carpet and upholstery cleaner to eliminate the evidence left over from your last party. Apply the cleaner as directed and let it do the work. Once the spots are cared for take some time to vacuum all the cracks, crevices, and material. 

3. The Floor: If your game room has hardwood, tile, or linoleum break out the broom and dust pan, give it a good thorough sweep, and finish it off with great floor cleaner like Rejuvenate’s Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaner. Of course, if you have carpet you will work on any stains and then vacuum.

Second Down: The Bathroom

1. Countertops: Wipe down and sanitize your countertops with your preferred cleaner to start. Let the counter dry and use countertop polish to bring about a sparkle and shine.

2. Toilet: One of the least favorite things to clean for most people. Squirt some toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet, let it soak for a little while, and move on to the bathtub. Once the bathtub is finished go back and give your toilet a scrub, flush, and it’s done.

3. The Bathtub: It’s not likely that party goers are going to use the tub but why not go all the way with it, right? Rejuvenate soap scum remover will be your best friend for this job as it is an easy spray on and rinse off formula. Apply the soap scum remover and move on to sweeping the floor. When you are done with the floor the tub will be ready to wipe down and rinse.

Third Down: The Kitchen

1. Counters: Wipe down and sanitize your counters and follow that up with some countertop polish to help them stand out. 

2. Cabinet Doors: Food and beverages have a way of splashing, sometimes, making its way onto your cabinet doors and handles. Don’t forget to give them a quick wipe down and once over.

3. The Stove: The stove is likely clean already so you might be able to skip this step. If it’s not... go ahead and get to work. A little soap and warm water can go a long way in this department. If your stove or oven is covered is really dirty, it’s a good idea to use a little degreaser to help you along the way. 

4. The Floors: It’s likely that you know how to do this part by now so we won’t go into it again.

Fourth Down: Enjoy Yourself!

The fourth down equals it’s time to enjoy to spend some time with your guests and enjoy your party! Extra cleaning is only really necessary if you plan to have guests in other areas of the house. Most of the time guests only enter the kitchen, game room, and bathroom. If you have guests that will be spending the night the now’s the time to clean that space as well. Start at the top and work your way down.

Cleaning and preparing for your fantasy football draft party is definitely not going to be as fun as the party itself but it is totally worth the end results. Happy Game Day!