Rejuvenate disposer pods can maintain your septic system


Garbage Disposal and Septic Systems


Many people think they can put just about anything down their sink. But this is NOT a good idea, especially if you have a septic system. There are garbage disposer units specifically designed to use with septic systems – InSinkErator is one brand. But just because you have a disposer doesn’t mean you can throw everything and anything down the drain!


Garbage disposers are only meant to grind up small bits of food that remain from cleaning dishes and running the dishwasher. They are not meant to be used as garbage cans or to get rid of moldy leftovers stinking up your refrigerator. Throw your leftover Chinese food in the trash, not in your disposer unit!


You will overwhelm your system and the good bacteria that breaks everything down won’t be able to keep up. Everything that goes down the sink ends up in your septic system. Overtime this buildup can lead to serious problems and have you spending $$ to have your tank pumped out or, even worse, having to dig out and replace the drain field.


Maintain Your Septic System


Rejuvenate® Disposer & Pipe Cleaner is an effective defense against the buildup of waste and organics that cause backups and odors in septic systems. The beneficial microorganisms in our disposer and pipe cleaner help degrade a wide range of wastes and organics.


The disposer pods are available in 4 refreshing fragrances; lavender, citrus, lemon and green apple. They are safe to use with all septic systems and regular use will make sure your septic system stays in good working order, helping to reduce the frequency of pumping and maintenance.


The Lavender Scent Disposer and Pipe Cleaner has an amazingly fresh scent, and I just love that it's lavender. I started using this in my disposer to maintain the cleanliness of the disposer and as the product states to clean the immediate pipes leading out of my sink. I noticed that even under the splash guard for my disposal the greasy, moldy build up is disappearing. I would definitely recommend using this product by Rejuvenate. It has made a clean difference for my disposal.”

-Stradiot, The Home Depot 5-Star Review



Benefits of Using Rejuvenate Disposer Pods


Use our disposer pods on a weekly basis to prevent build-up and odors in your kitchen garbage disposal unit.

  • Helps prevent septic system backup by effectively degrading fat, oil, and grease (FOG), starch, protein, and other items on an ongoing, long-term basis 

  • May help reduce the frequency of septic tank pumping by systematically liquefying surface scum and bottom solids 

  • Helps reduce septic tank odors by continuously breaking down the volatile fatty acids and other odor-causing organic buildup 


Note: Rejuvenate Disposer & Pipe Cleaner is designed for using in properly working disposers – it will not clear a clogged drain.


Advanced Microbial Technology


Our disposer pods contain carefully selected microorganisms for optimal and long-lasting septic tank performance. The pods are certified within the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Nonfoods Compounds Registration Program. NSF International “is the only independent, third-party organization that offers product registration for nonfood compounds…used in food and beverage processing.” Certified Canadian formulation available in select markets.


For another great article, including complete instructions on how to use our Disposer Pods, read our De-Stink Your Sink & Other Tips to Clean Your Disposer on the Rejuvenate blog! The article also includes important information on items to avoid putting down the sink (bones, shells, meats, etc.) that can potentially cause problems in your septic system.


Use Rejuvenate’s Disposer and Pipe Cleaner to instantly clean, deodorize and maintain your garbage disposal, kitchen sink drain and septic system in minutes!