How to Clean and Deodorize Your Kitchen Garbage Disposal & Pipes

Having a garbage disposer is a wonderful thing. Just as with anything in life – along with the good always comes some of the bad. Cleaning out your garbage disposal unit can be one heck of a hassle and a big stinky mess.

A clean and fresh sink, pipes and drain are key to keeping your kitchen and home from smelling unpleasant. There’s nothing worse than preparing a meal and trying to figure out where the bad smell is coming from. The accumulation of food particles eventually begins to go sour and anytime you turn on the disposer, you’ll notice a bad stench wafting through the air.

No worries, there are specific cleansers designed especially for cleaning garbage disposers and pipes. Today we are going to share with you some tips and tricks on how to clean your kitchen garbage disposer - using a specially formulated product – Rejuvenate Disposer & Pipe Cleaner.  

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposer, Pipes and Drain

  • Clean out both sides of the sink and run the hot water for about a minute or two.

  • Turn the water down to a trickle and drop one of the biodegradable garbage disposer pods directly down into the disposer.

  • It is important to keep the water trickling because it helps the foaming action. You will see the cleaner begin to foam up out of the drains. Sometimes it will work through both drains but not always.

  • You’ll know when the job is done because the suds will slowly begin to travel back down the drain as opposed to bubbling over.

  • For a really tough job – use 2 disposer pods to clean, deodorize and maintain your garbage disposal and pipes

How Rejuvenate Disposer & Pipe Cleaner Works

The disposer and pipe cleaner is available in 3 refreshing scents; lavender, citrus and green apple. The super foaming deodorizing action breaks down and scrubs away any food debris helping to eliminate the yucky, sticky, stinky buildup. Disposer cleaner pods are safe to use with septic systems and will clean and eliminate odors while eliminating any buildup of food and grease that lies within the disposer, sidewalls, the blades, and up underneath the splashguard.

The enzymes present in the garbage disposer cleaner are responsible for breaking down the food particles and eliminating the waste. It is great for your sinks, drains, pipes, disposer, and your septic tank. Too often a garbage disposer not functioning properly is the cause of problems in the septic system. The pods contain carefully selected microorganisms for optimal and long-lasting septic tank performance.

Avoid Putting These Items in Your Garbage Disposer

Many people think having a garbage disposer gives them free reign to put everything and anything down the sink. But don’t do it – unless you’re ready to make a hefty “donation” to your local plumber!

Certain items such as bones should never EVER be flushed down the drain. The blades of the garbage disposal will just whirl around the bones, wear out and even get damaged. Also, never pour grease or oil down the drain - it will cling to the sides of your pipes, trap food scraps and eventually you’ll wind up with a clogged drain.

 So remember – don’t put these items down the disposal:

  • Bones and shells

  • Egg shells

  • Fruit pits and seeds

  • Grease and oil

Something else you can do to eliminate any issues is to cut the food items into smaller pieces. The bigger the food item -  the harder it is for the disposer to break them down. If your disposer is older, or starting to act wonky and you don’t have the money to replace it right away, you might want to avoid placing these food items down your sink.

  • Stringy fibrous items like celery and asparagus

  • Starchy items like potato peels, rice and pasta

  • Coffee Grounds

  • Banana Peels

  • Corn husks

  • Non-food items – well – just in case you were thinking about it

One last thing is to keep the water running for a minute after the disposer is shut off this will make sure that all the particles and debris go down the drain instead of building up and causing a stink in your sink. 

A stinky sink can be embarrassing and unpleasant. Using the right cleanser will save you time and money. We hope these tips on cleaning your sink and garbage disposer have been of help. Use Rejuvenate Disposer & Pipe Cleaner on a weekly basis or anytime you notice an odor in your sink. Happy cleaning