If you’ve noticed that your kitchen has a weird smell and you’re not sure where it’s coming from, you might want to check your garbage disposal. Not many people realize that a dirty garbage disposal can lead to a smelly kitchen thanks to leftover food scraps that get stuck in the system. To combat that foul odor, you’ll need to invest in a garbage disposal cleaner that’ll freshen things up! A garbage disposal cleaner won’t just clean the disposal, but also leave behind a great refreshing scent. However, you can’t just buy any garbage disposal cleaner because generic options won’t provide you with the results you crave. Instead, invest in the best and opt for Rejuvenate’s garbage disposal cleaner!

An Effective Disposal Cleaner

Rejuvenate offers an effective disposal cleaner that will take care of your kitchen from the inside out! The disposal cleaner will leave your sink smelling fresh. You can choose from citrus, lavender and lemon scent options, with all three equally pleasing. The easy-to-use disposal cleaner pods will scrub away built-up food waste inside the disposal that can be the leading cause of foul odors. But it’ll also clean the disposer blades, walls and splash guards.  You can use the disposal cleaner weekly to maintain the fresh scent and a cleaner garbage disposal.

It Doubles As A Drain Pipe Cleaner

The Rejuvenate Disposal Pods double as drain pipe cleaner with special enzymes that help breakdown food waste, grime, grease and dirt inside your pipes. Our drain pipe cleaner will also starve drain gnats and reduce the frequency of septic tank pumping. All you do is toss a pod into the garbage disposal, let the water flow down the drain and let the drain pipe cleaner go to work as it freshens up dirty pipes in minutes! You’ll hear the foaming take place and once it stops, turn off the garbage disposal and turn off the water. You’ll be able to see and smell the deep cleaning action.

A Great Bathroom Cleaner

Besides our garbage disposal cleaner, many love our other products, including our bathroom cleaner. The bathroom might not be a favorite room to clean, but it won’t be such a chore when you use our better bathroom cleaner. It’s helped millions bring out the best surfaces in their bathrooms thanks to a powerful formula that’s void of harsh chemicals. Rejuvenate’s bathroom cleaner will make this particular room look new again!