Not everyone has all the time in the world to clean. After all, cleaning is a chore that many hate doing, which is why they’d rather pay someone else to do it. But not all of us can afford a housekeeper, which means we need to do all the cleaning ourselves. If you want to save some extra time cleaning, read on for some tips:

1. The Tub

You’re probably using all sorts of products to clean your tub with no avail. Stop trying to find the perfect solution at a grocery store because you saw it on TV. Instead, use Rejuvenate Soap Scum Remove that not only will clean the tub, but glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, stone and more – all without having to scrub! It will remove tough soap scum in an instant and will leave behind a streak free finish. Just spray it on and let it do all the work for you.

2. The Stove

Nothing’s worse than baked-on spills that won’t clean away with just paper and water. Instead of using abrasive cleaners that will damage your stove, you need to use Rejuvenate’s Ceramic Cooktop & Oven Cleaner & Restorer. This fast acting formula will remove even the most stubborn, burnt-on foods ever.  After one application, your stove will have a protective seal against grease and stains.

3. The Floors

If you have kids and pets, you’ll know how frustrating it is to have clean floors. Instead of wasting your time mopping all the time, Rejuvenate’s floor products will allow you to clean more efficiently and less often. The Hardwood & Laminate Floor Care System Mop Kit has everything you need to clean your floors right in the box!

4. The Yard

Cleaning outside can take numerous products to get the job done right, but not when you have Rejuvenate’s Restorer Wipes will get everything clean and back to their original condition. It’ll restore and protect any sun-damaged possessions and restore it to way it looked when you first bought it!