Great Fall Cleaning Tips from Rejuvenate Products

With autumn just around the corner we figured it was time to bring out the fall cleaning checklist. Before you settle in for the winter, or invite guests over for a Falliday (fall holiday) celebration, it’s a good idea to evict all dust bunnies, any spiders lurking in corners and other debris from your home.

Today Rejuvenate® is here to share some of our fall cleaning tips for top cleaning supplies to use throughout your home.

❏      Clean Carpets & Upholstery: Make sure to deep clean your carpets at least once a year, more often if you have pets. You can use Rejuvenate Carpet Cleaner to clean up any blood, chocolate, wine or pet messes from your carpets and upholstery. Vacuum the carpets, spray any stained areas with the carpet stain remover, then gently agitate with a microfiber towel. Let the area dry overnight (the carpet cleaner will continue to work its magic) then vacuum in the morning to fluff up the carpet fibers.

❏      Surface Cleaning: Surface cleaning consists of clearing off and cleaning all the surfaces in your home with some great household products from Rejuvenate. Make sure to tackle all areas including the very tops of your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. A little Rejuvenate Cooktop and Oven Cleaner (perfect for glass and ceramic cooktops) or Rejuvenate Cabinet and Furniture Cleaner go a long way to keep all your surfaces clean.

❏      Clean Hardwood & Linoleum Floors: Our No bucket Floor Cleaner can save you from a lot of scrubbing and back-breaking work. Lightly spray your vinyl plank or vinyl tile floors with some Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaner and mop clean with a microfiber mop bonnet applicator placed over a sponge mop.

❏      Clean Your Bathrooms: Rejuvenate Soap Scum Remover, as well as our Bioenzymatic Tile and Grout Cleaner will have your bathroom looking like new in no time! For a really thorough cleaning try our Grout Deep Cleaner to safely remove years of dirt build-up. 

❏      Dusting: This cleaning task is probably NOT on anyone’s list of favorite chore. Dust your furniture with a damp microfiber towel then and use our Screen Cleaning Wipes to remove fingerprints and keep your TV and computer screens clean and smudge free.

❏      Strip Beds: Change and clean all the bedding, linens and blankets in your home. For any stubborn stains pre-treat with a bit of OUTrageous Stain Remover before throwing the item in the washing machine.

Fall cleaning can truly help your home feel cleaner and fresher throughout the colder months when everything is sealed up tight. With the right home cleaners from Rejuvenate it might not feel like such hard work. Happy Cleaning and remember to Reveal the Beauty and Make it New Again with Rejuvenate!