If you have sealed floors in your home, it’s important that you keep them clean. Dirt, dust, debris, and stains can make the floor surfaces look dull, old and dirty. The best way to make your floors shine is to use effective cleaning products made especially for sealed flooring surfaces. Using generic cleaning products won’t provide you with the results you want and will just make you work harder than you should.

You’ll have to scrub harder or clean the floors multiple times in order to make them shine, which only makes this tedious chore even harder than it should be. Rejuvenate offers the best cleaning products for all your home’s floors, regardless if they’re tile, wood, laminate, vinyl or marble. Our cleaning products will make your floors shine like new!

Always Use A Spray Mop

To get your floors to shine, use Rejuvenate cleaning products with our all-new Click n Clean spray mop system. A spray mop makes cleaning your floors easier than using a mop and bucket. When using our adjustable spray mop, you’ll be able to clean your floors in half the time. It features a flexible swivel head and comes with a reusable cleaning pad and a bottle of our popular No Bucket Floor Cleaner. Our spray mop kit is one of the best on the market! You’ll be able to use it on any flooring surface, making it the only cleaning product you need for cleaner floors.

An All-In-One Dust Mop

The great thing about our Click n Clean spray mop is that it transforms into a dust mop in seconds. Dusting floors before you mop them is essential to picking up dirt and debris, which is exactly what our dust mop does. Before mopping your floors with our floor cleaner, use the Click n Clean dust mop and its included reusable microfiber dusting pad to pick up particles lying on top of the floor’s surface.

The Best Laminate Floor Cleaning Products

When you’re dealing with dirty laminate floors, you need the best laminate floor cleaning products on the market. Luckily for you, Rejuvenate offers the best laminate floor cleaning products money can buy. Generic floor cleaners barely penetrate the surface and might need multiple uses to see any results. If you want results after the first try, use the best laminate floor cleaning products to save you from more work.

A Laminate Floor Cleaner That’s Effective

If you need a laminate floor cleaner that’s effective, Rejuvenate has what you’re looking for. Our laminate floor cleaner provides you with professional results you won’t get from other products. The water-based formula of our laminate floor cleaner is free of any harsh chemicals and will do a great job of protecting your laminate floors from wear and tear.