Although it seems as if you’re cleaning every single day (and you probably are if you have little ones or pets), rest assured that there are some household chores that you only need to do once a year and you’ll still reap the benefits with maximum results. So what are a few chores that only need to be once a year, you ask? Read on to find out what they are!

1. Clean light bulbs
Not sure why your home looks dimmer over time? Well it could easily be all the dust that gathers on your home’s light bulbs! So really, you don’t have to change them out as often as you think and all you have to do is dust them! Just make sure that you turn them off and they are cool so that you can wipe them with a cloth. (You might want to check them every six months so to evaluate just how dirty they are, which if they are, you’ll have to most likely do twice a year.)

2. Clean window frames
Your windows don’t get enough attention and that can be a good thing if you hate cleaning! Clean your window frames once a year with a brush to wipe the dirt away and then use a cleaner to clean out all the grime. And if you’re really feeling like a cleaning machine, you can also de-gunk all the metal tracks that are beneath your sliding glass windows and doors for extra cleaning points!

3. Clean gutters
This job should be left for your husband or the professionals! But nonetheless, it should be done at least once a year (preferably before winter or your rainy season). Just get a small shovel or a brush to clear the gutters of any leaves and debris before winter’s snow and rain.

4. Vacuum your fireplace
Right after winter is done, use your vacuum to suck up all the ashes in your fireplace and then use damp towels to wipe away what’s left!

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