Cleaning windows, especially outdoor windows, can be a tedious task. It is much more difficult to get those exterior windows clean and streak-free than it is the interior. This is because dirt, pollen, and many other residues make their way onto the window and they seem to hang on for dear life.

Today we'd like to share with you the best way to clean your windows minus all the hard work of scrubbing and wiping. When it comes to exterior care and maintenance of your home, it’s really important to use the right kind of outdoor cleaning products to help make your job easier.

Here’s Our Pro Cleaning Tip: always remember to clean the outside windows first, before tackling the ones inside your home. You’ll always wonder if you got all the dirt and grime off the inside of your windows if you haven’t cleaned the ones outside. 

Cleaning Your Windows Like a Pro - Give Them a Quick Pre-Rinse 

Before you get down to the dirty work it’s a good idea to close all of your windows and give them a quick rinse using a hose. There is no need for a pressure washer when you use the right stuff for the job. A pre-rinse will wash away any loose debris that get stuck on the window area. Don't wait for the windows to dry before moving on to the next step, it can make the job a little harder and it can also take longer. 

Choosing A Cleanser

You're going to want to find something specifically designed for the cleaning of outdoor windows, such as Rejuvenate Outdoor Window & Surface Cleaner. The less elbow grease required the better. Concentrated non-scrub formulas work wonders outside. Simply pick your cleaner, attach your hose to it and spray away. From here you let the cleaner work its magic. Some cleaners will foam up and draw all the dirt, grime, and scum to the bottom.

Give It Time

If your windows aren't that dirty it should only take several minutes for the cleaner to do all the dirty work. The dirtier the windows are, the longer you should let the cleanser soak in and remove the dirt. You can usually tell when the cleaner is done working as the suds disappear right along with the dirt and build-up.

Wipe It Down

This step isn't always necessary but sometimes, you may have to wipe away the dirt that settles on the bottom. As I mentioned, in some cases there is no need for wiping anything away. If your windows aren't so bad then you can skip this step and move on. 



Using your hose take the time to spray the windows down for a final rinse. This will wash away any excess cleaner and any remaining debris and dirt off of the window and surrounding areas. If you choose the right window cleaning product this can be the final step to cleaning windows like a pro especially if it is streak-free cleaner. 

Wipe Them Dry 

Some of you may prefer to wipe the windows down or squeegee the windows after the final rinse. A part of this may be due to habit and another part may be simple enjoying the job. Using a product specifically made to clean windows will lift away dirt and leave behind a streak free shine with no scrubbing or drying required! 

Enjoy the View

Now that you’ve done all that hard work, take the time to enjoy looking out your crystal-clear windows! 

Final Thoughts on Cleaning Windows at Home

The best way to clean your windows is to be sure you have the right cleaner and equipment for the job. The less hard work and scrubbing necessary the better it is for you. Make sure you find a product that is right for you and your house some cleaners are great for any surface while other may only be safe for the glass. There are cleaners that can damage your vinyl, wood, brick, or stucco so be sure to read those labels. 

There's nothing like being able to look out your window and getting a crystal-clear view of everything outside. Cleaning windows can be a drag but not if you have the right stuff for the job. For streak-free cleaning when cleaning windows inside your home, use a soft microfiber towel to help make your job easier. Happy cleaning!