With Easter just around the corner, you are probably planning a spectacular event for friends and family at your home! If you are, you’ll have to pick up and tidy your home before the big event, which might add more stress to your life as you try and figure out the menu, Easter games and more! Don't stress about cleaning for your upcoming Easter gathering and instead use these handy tips on how to get a clean home just in time:

1. Clean Your Upholstery

Start by cleaning your upholstery so that your guests have somewhere clean and neat to sit while at your Easter celebration. If you have leather furniture, Use Rejuvenate’s Leather Care system, which cleans and conditions both leather and vinyl so that your furniture looks as good and clean as the rest of your home. If you have fabric, give it a good vacuum to get rid of dust particles and spot treat any stains so that they aren’t dirty.

2. Dust

Get rid of dust and dirt by dusting your entire home with a damp cloth. Make sure to focus on rooms and spots that your guests will frequent so that they don’t see a dusty home. Since you’ll also probably do a traditional Easter egg hunt throughout your home, make sure that you get nook and cranny so that way any little ones participating in the hunt won’t be confronted with dirt and dust particles.

3. Clean Your Floors

You’ll want to make sure that your floors are nice and clean so make sure that you use Rejuvenate’s Shine Refresher to get your floors sparkling clean. And if you have carpet stains that you are embarrassed of, their Carpet and Upholstery Spot & Stain Remove works wonders!

4. Clean Your Yard

Since guests will not only be inside your home, but also in your backyard, you’ll have to make sure that it’s clean and presentable. Mow the lawn a bit if things are a bit out of control (but not too short so that you can easily hide Easter eggs) and clean all your outdoor surfaces with Rejuvenate’s Outdoor Surface Renewer & Sealer.