Professional cleaning results are easy thanks to Rejuvenates Chamois & Microfiber Polishing Pad that’s designed to be used with a slew of other Rejuvenate products to provide maximum cleaning results. This handy polishing pad can be used on various surfaces, including cultured marble, synthetic countertops, Corian and Silestone. The pad features soft, synthetic microfibers that are so much better than rags and other fabrics you use to clean.

What makes the Chamois & Microfiber Polishing Pad so special and awesome is that it traps and lifts dirt and grit from surfaces, while polishing it at the same time! How many other rags do you know do that? Not many, which is why our polishing pad is the only pad you need for all your cleaning needs.

Its chamois side is used to gently buff the surface after you’ve used Rejuvenate products (it works great with Rejuvenate Leather and Vinyl Cleaner/Conditioner, just to name one), while still maintaining its brilliant shine. And you can use it over and over again – simply wash the pad with a mild detergent and then just leave it out to dry before you use it again.  

You’ll want to throw away all your old sponges after just one use with Rejuvenate Chamois & Microfiber Polishing Pads. And you’ll want to buy a few to keep in your kitchen and bathrooms because you won’t want to use anything else!