Bona vs Rejuvenate Products

Bona Cleaner vs Rejuvenate Products

Is Bona cleaner as good as Rejuvenate® Products for floor cleaning? Read the independent lab results for yourself before buying Bona products.


Rejuvenate No-Bucket Floor Cleaner was tested and compared against a similar product on the market - Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.


The objective of this test was to compare the performance of Rejuvenate Products verses a competitive commercial floor cleaning product, namely Bona Cleaner.


Bona Products Testing Evaluation

The third-party testing lab created a procedure to compare floor cleaning products by applying both the Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner and Bona products on four different wood surfaces - Bamboo, Hickory, Mahogany and Gunstock. Each wood surface was marked with four different stains - lip stick, ketchup, rubber and permanent marker.


The method of testing was to apply both floor cleaning products on the surface of each wood flooring sample and compare the ease of cleaning and check for any evidence of streaking or hazing.


The unbiased testing consisted of preparing a total of four different wood surfaces to evaluate and compare the performance of the floor cleaner versus a similar market product (Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner). To evaluate and compare cleaning products, stains were applied on the different wood surfaces to characterize the following: cleaning ability, scent, ease of use, hazing and streaking.


The four wood surfaces were treated with a streak of the following products: lipstick, ketchup, rubber and permanent marker. The products were allowed to sit on the wood for 24 hours before cleaning. Each sample was cleaned as per the product’s instructions.


Bona Cleaning Performance and Comparison

The Bona cleaning products were assessed on how well they were able to clean, their scent, ease of use and checked for any evidence of hazing or streaking. It was determined that Rejuvenate was the better performing floor cleaner and left no hazing or streaking in any of the four wood surfaces.


Adding the total number of points in the challenge based on the proposed scale, Rejuvenate had a total of 56 points while Bona had 49 points. Due to the spray nozzle design, Rejuvenate No Bucket Floor Cleaner and Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner both worked well for spot cleaning.


Overall, the independent lab study concluded that Rejuvenate products were shown to outperform Bona products. Rejuvenate demonstrated superior cleaning power with no hazing or streaking observed on any of the wood surfaces. Furthermore, the floor cleaner has a pleasant, fresh scent while the spray nozzle made cleaning a breeze.