To some people, finding the best way to clean windows isn’t a high priority. And while cleaning a window isn’t exactly rocket science, there’s an obvious difference between the wrong way to clean windows and the best way to clean windows. Let me break it down for you based on what I’ve learned.

The wrong way to clean windows:                                                                                                                       

Using too little fluid

Using newspaper and other materials to wipe windows clean

The best way to clean windows:

Use Rejuvenate household cleaning products

Grab a microfiber cloth for soaking up any excess water

Ditch The Usual Household Cleaning Products

I’ve been using basic household cleaning products for a long time. When it came to cleaning my windows on the outside, soap and water was my go-to. Honestly, I always thought it was good enough. This along with a wad of newspaper seemed to work well for me, until a friend introduced me to Rejuvenate household cleaning products. Their products are great but the outdoor window cleaner really opened my eyes to what professional results looks like.

Needless to say, I ditched the old household cleaning products and have stuck with Rejuvenate ever since. My windows are still shining from the last cleaning!

How To Use An Outdoor Window Cleaner

I’m not just telling you this because I personally enjoyed using it. The outdoor window cleaner has already been used by countless people who also swear by its results. And the best part is that it’s easy to use, so you’re not spending your whole Saturday wiping stubborn streaks from your windows.

To use the outdoor window cleaner, use the rinse setting to spray the surface. Then, turn dial to spray the cleaner, starting from the bottom to the top, and back down again. The important thing to remember is to let it sit for one minute after spraying the cleaner. This small waiting period makes a huge difference in the way my windows look so I tell anyone who uses this product to remember this step.

Dial it back to rinse and spray the surface to reveal a shiny window. As it dries, you’ll notice that it leaves a streak-free finish without using a squeegee or newspaper wad. Using Rejuvenate’s outdoor window cleaner is that simple and is, in my opinion, the best way to clean windows. Get lasting results with your own Rejuvenate household cleaning products.