At Rejuvenate, we’ve come up with the best way to clean grout. We know how many people struggle with grout stains and how difficult it can be to scrub away the years of buildup. It’s common to use bleach and other harsh chemicals to penetrate the dirt and bring out the grout and tile’s original look, but when there are kids or pets around, you might not want to risk having those chemicals around. That’s why Rejuvenate offers the best way to clean grout and the best tile and grout cleaning products on the market.

Rejuvenate makes cleaning your tile and grout extremely easy. You only need two things to get the job done.

First, You Need A Grout Cleaner

Although you might not need a heavy-duty grout cleaner, chances are you still have a grout situation that you want to get rid of. We all know that dirty grout takes away from the space looking spotless, so anything you can do to make grout cleaner and brighter can make your space feel fresher instantly. If having clean grout has been an unattainable dream, you can now have your choice between the Tile and Grout Every Day Cleaner and the Grout Deep Cleaner from Rejuvenate.

You can incorporate these two into your cleaning routine or you can go all in with the deep grout cleaner to eliminate the buildup once and for all. Just make sure you shake it well before using it as directed. You can agitate the grout cleaner by scrubbing the surface a few times and letting it sit for at least five minutes before wiping it clean.

Next, Tile And Grout Cleaning Tools

In order to get most out of Rejuvenate’s grout cleaner, you need to have the right tile and grout cleaning tools. If you’re using the grout cleaner, you’ll want to use a scrub brush to agitate the surface and a cloth to remove any residue. You can use scrub pads on the flat tiles but a scrub brush with angled bristles is probably the best way to clean grout because it can agitate the cleaner without scratching or damaging the grout.

If you’re using a tile and grout cleaning product, you’ll need a clean mop or cloth to spread the cleaner evenly throughout the floor; a microfiber bonnet applicator is great for this. If you really need to get your grout looking brand new instantly, you can use the grout renewer pen to color in your grout and make it look new again in seconds.

Rejuvenate has all the tile and grout cleaning tools you’ll need to get the results you’ve been wanting. Discover the best way to clean grout with Rejuvenate’s selection of tile and grout cleaning products.