Like your kitchen, the bathroom is one of those rooms that always sees traffic. But no mom has the time to really devote hours at a time to cleaning their bathroom, yet, it’s still important to keep that room clean. Because moms are busy no matter what, it’s hard to find the time to give the bathroom a good, deep cleaning that it most likely deserves, so we’ve rounded up some tips on how to get a cleaner bathroom in no time (we’re talking 15 minutes or less):

1. Gather all the trash

Get a plastic grocery bag and hang it on the doorknob to gather all the trash – it’s the easiest way to get any room clean!

2. Tackle the toilet

The toilet is where all the action happens, so making sure that it’s clean on the regular is important to having a clean bathroom and healthy family. Have some bleach already handy underneath a cabinet somewhere and pour a cup of it into the bowl and brush around its sizes and under the rim. Let it sit for a while and then move on to another chore like dusting the back of the toilet tank. Flush it after it’s been sitting a while and you’ll instantly have a cleaner toilet!

3. Wipe

While the toilet is soaking, get a Rejuvenate’s Kitchen & bath Countertop polish and clean all around the countertops, the faucets and in the sink. You can even give the shower doors a quick wipe with the stuff if you have enough time!

4. Tackle the floor

Last but not least, it’s time to turn your focus on the floor! Shake out any rugs or bath mats you have in your bathroom so that it looks as if you just vacuumed it but really didn’t. Next, with a dampened paper towel do a quick wipe down of the room’s corner, which is where a lot of the dust and hair seems to collect. Drop it in the plastic bag with all the other trash and you’re totally done! You can go on and spend time with your family!