Cleaning your home and cleaning your yard are totally two separate beasts. Many have their own house cleaning routine that they stick to and already know the tricks of the trade when cleaning inside. But going outside to clean your backyard is something totally different! Not many know how to approach cleaning their backyard so we’ve compiled a few tips to help:

1. Gather Your Supplies
Just as you’d gather your cleaning supplies when you’re doing your interior, you need to do the same with our yard supplies. Get everything you need to give your yard a deep cleaning like large trash bags, gardening gloves, fertilizer, shears and anything else you’d need. Rejuvenate Outdoor Cleaner  will instantly remove stains from outdoor windows, siding and anything else you’d like to clean. It's concentrated non-scrub formula will easily remove dirt, salt, pollen or any other residue the elements leave on your outside furniture and more. The cleaner is safe to use on various outdoor surfaces like wood or vinyl siding, brick stucco and all roofing types.

2. Have a plan of attack
Plan out what you’d like to do so that you can check everything off your list. Jot down things like mow the lawn, clean the patio furniture, weed the garden, hose down the concrete, etc. This way you don’t forget any chore and have to do it another day. 

3. Enlist help
Cleaning up the backyard is going to take a while and it’s the perfect way to get your kids outside to start helping. Kids love to be outside and by having them help out, you’ll be able to finish everything on your list in half the time.