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About Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate is proud to manufacture a full line of home cleaning and restoration products made in the USA. Rejuvenate’s All Floors Restorer is the #1 selling floor restorer at The Home Depot.

Our Clients Opinion

After 25 years of dogs, kids and grandkids, my hardwood floors still look new, thanks to Rejuvenate!
Helen D
Worked as advertised, exceeded expectations, have already recommended to friends.
Jim A
We tried other products, but only Rejuvenate succeeded in making our slate floors look polished and sparkling.
Gary S 
I read reviews and thought well I better try it. I am so happy I did it work great on my heart wood and on my laminate floor.

Cabinets - Cleaning & Prep

- CABINETS & FURNITURE - Cleaning & Prep -

Before you apply Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Restorer...

Over time, kitchen cabinets collect a sticky buildup from cooking, grease and dirty fingers. The steam from washing dishes and boiling can also create a film on cabinets as well as stains from grease, food and grime. Use Rejuvenate Multi Surface Cleaner to degrease and thoroughly clean and prepare your cabinets before you restore them with Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Restorer.

To ensure superior results when using Rejuvenate, follow these simple clean and prep guidelines

• First, dust all surfaces. A microfiber towel works very well for dusting
• Remove all knobs and handles and clean them separately. Depending on the material and finish, use Multi Surface Cleaner or soak them in warm soapy water
• Since cabinets are not usually scrubbed deeply when performing routine cleaning, it is recommended to give them a very thorough cleaning and completely degrease them before applying Rejuvenate Restorer
• Apply a generous amount of Multi Surface Cleaner and allow it to sit for a few moments to break up any greasy residue
• Wipe the surface with a clean microfiber towel or mitt. Repeat as needed, and scrub thoroughly to remove all of the dirt, wax and grease buildup
• Allow to dry completely and check for residue
Repeat as needed

Do's & Don'ts

DO wear household gloves, protective eye wear and old clothes to protect yourself
DO make sure you remove all wax and residue before applying Rejuvenate Restorer
DO repeat cleaning as needed until cabinets are clean and residue free
DO repairany scratches, gouges or damage before you Restore them
DO NOT use scouring powder or other abrasives that can scratch the surface
DO NOT apply Rejuvenate Restorer until Cabinets are completely clean
DO NOT leave any residue from grease, wax, oil or other products on the surface
DO NOT use steam, heat or excessive moisture to clean wood

IMPORTANT: Be certain to REMOVE ALL GREASE, OIL, WAX AND RESIDUE. If your cabinets aren't clean and residue free, Rejuvenate Restorer cannot bond correctly

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